Camping Key Europe App for iOS and Android

If you have a Camping Key Europe card, you can use our free app which will help you find campsites across Europe, and create trips with directions to the campsites you want to visit.

Download the app for:

3 000+ European Campsites In Your Pocket

The app gives you instant access to over 3 000 campsites across Europe, which are stored on your device. No internet access required.

Search campsites near a location and filter the results by the facilities you want them to have, and which stay options you require. Before you know it, you have a shortlist of campsites to stay at.

Learn All The Details About the Campsite

When you’ve found a campsite that you are interested in on the beautiful map, look at the details to find out if it’s one you want to stay at.´

For every campsite we display which facilities they offer you, and which options of staying there you have. Perhaps you have a tent this time, or coming in a caravan?

Finally, the app gives you instant access to contact the campsite, or learn more about them on their own website.

Create Your Own Trips and Save Your Favorites

When you find interesting campsites you can both save them to your personal favorites, and create a trip.

A trip is a collection of campsites that you are planning on visiting, say, on your next lovely vacation.

But why limit yourself to just one? That’s why we’ve built in support for an unlimited number of trips.

Plan Your Route and Get Directions

For all of your trips you can display them on a beautiful map and see how long the route in full and each segment will take you.

We’ll give you easy directions even to campsites that aren’t yet part of your trip. At the simple tap of a button we will display directions to any campsite you find.

Get the App for iOS and Android Today

The app is available to you with a valid Camping Key Europe card, which you easily validate when you use the app the first time. The app can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.

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